Seattle’s Old Town Barbershop

Seattle, Washington | Pioneer Square Neighborhood


In 2018, Old Town Barbershop located in Seattle, Washington started their company. They needed a brand that would impress their customers and build clientele.


The barbershop located in a historical building “Callus” in the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Taking an old trade that is generally passed down through generations and emphasizing the modernity was the solution we felt would gain the trust of their customers and onlookers alike. While Callus and the barbers worked together to build an innovative industrial yet historical barbershop inside, we worked on building the barbershop from the outside.


In August 2018, we launched the new website. Very simple, clean and to the point. Allowing customers to book online, see current clients photos, get associated with their social media. We modified a logo that would take you to the past at a glance but would intricate line-work much like a barbers trade, you would see a beautiful modern logo. This project is ongoing and will continue to evolve as we continue to build the “Old Town Barbershop” name in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood. 

Seattle’s Old Town Barbershop Logo

Seattle’s Old Town Barbershop Website