Iron Heritage LLC

Chicago, Illinois | North Chicago


In 2015, the barbering industry was beginning to rise and the home brew era began. With an industry that was being bombarded with products made with wrong ingredients, Iron Heritage LLC began their grooming line to make barber quality and barber tested products. Iron Heritage LLC needed branding, an ecommerce website and packaging for their products.


Iron Heritage was a brand that took you to the past, a tribute to the men and women that worked hard to make America great. We wanted to bring that grass roots to the front for this product line. Building from the ground up, like our fathers past, we began with a logo that set the path for the rest.


We launched the website in 2015 as a brand new lifestyle brand, competing with home brews and large companies. We took the products through the barbershop, on the road and back again. After 3 years in business, the packaging continues to evolve with current trends and we continue to grow the brand with our for father’s perseverance. We built a lifestyle brand with t-shirts, hoodies, postcards, and more. 

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