Babes in Motoland

Chicago, Illinois | Milwaukee, Wisconsin


In 2015, Babes in Motoland located in Chicago, Illinois started their exclusive women’s motorcycle camp/ride. They needed a brand and website to help build their riders and camper signups.


As women motorcycle riders began to rise, these babes wanted to take a ladies adventure out on two wheels. With a camp/ride concept, I helped build their Brand. Babes in Motoland was born! 


We launched the website to help build camp signups. Using the website as a tool to broadcast the ride, we were able to build a camping trip over the future years. Creating a simple but distinctive logo we were able to put it on t-shirts, postcards etc. Although 2018 did not have a ride/camp, we hope that 2019 is even bigger for Babes in Motoland.

Babes in Motoland Logo

Babes in Motoland Website